2022            Eleutheria. Vintage.

2016            Of This New World. University of Iowa Press. 


Books Under Contract:

2023            The Last Catastrophe. Vintage.

Short Fiction:

2021            “Mercy.”Crazyhorse.

2020            “Afterglow.”Guernica.

2019            “Adjustments.”TriQuarterly. 

2017            “Loving Homes for Lost and Broken Men.” Kenyon Review. 

2017            “Some Say It’s Yellow, Some Say Red.” The Southeast Review. 

2017            “Endangered.”American Short Fiction.

2016            “Red Soil and Bones.” Territory. 

2016            “Why I Killed My Canary.” The Baltimore Review. 

2016            “The Tough Part.” Indiana Review. 

2016            “Delight®.”Black Warrior Review. 

2016            “The Future Consequences of Present Actions.” The Gettysburg Review.

2016            “L’Appel du Vide.” DIAGRAM. 

2015            “Flowers for Prisoners.” Alaska Quarterly Review.

2015            “Together.”Southern Indiana Review. 

2015            “Disruptions.”Blue Earth Review.

2015            “After the Beginning.” Denver Quarterly. 

2015            “Shark Fishing.”New England Review.

2015            “Chevalier.”Moon City Review. 

2015            “Americans on Mars!” Passages North. 

2015            “Zoo Suicides.” The Normal School. 

2014            “Turtle Eggs.”Parcel.

2014            “Stones.”Southwest Review. 

2014            “Syndication.”Nashville Review. 

2014            “Acid.”Gulf Coast.

2014            “Nobody.”Heavy Feather Review.

2014            “Naples.”North American Review. 

2014            “Ten Miles.” Lumina.

2014            “Summer School.” Phantom Drift: A Journal of New Fabulism.

2014            “Bury Me.” The Missouri Review. 

2014            “Accents.”Reunion: The Dallas Review.

2014            “Selkie.”Roanoke Review.

2014            “Empire.”The Alarmist.

2013            “VFW Post 3290.” The McNeese Review.

2013            “The Touch.” Hobart.

2013            “Ephemera.”Southwestern American Literature. 

2011            “Free Love.” Bellevue Literary Review.     


Creative Nonfiction:

2021            “The Contagious Collective Epiphany: On Climate Change, Social Change, and The Right to Vote.”

Kenyon Review.

2017            “Imagine All the People: The Case for Utopian Writing.” Tin House.

2017            “Let the Devil Sing.” The Threepenny Review.

2017            “Misinformation.”Brevity. 

2017            “Lowry Hill.” The Adroit Journal. 

2016            “Literary Alchemy: The Wedding of Subject and Style.” Electric Literature. 

2016            “Research Notes.” Necessary Fiction. 

2014            “Imaginary Lovers.” Chattahoochee Review.

2014            “The Locals.” Arcadia. 

2014            “Coming to the Table.” Flyway: Journal of Writing and the Environment. 

2014            “Banjo in a Backpack.” Grist: The Journal for Writers. 

2013            “Things I Don’t Tell My Mother.”Superstition Review. 


Writing in Anthologies:

2022            “Bury Me.” Private Lives: Stories from the Missouri Review.

2018            “Let the Devil Sing.” The Pushcart Prize XLIII: The Best of the Small Presses. 

2018            “Let the Devil Sing.” TheBest American Travel Writing 2018. 

2018            “Lowry Hill.” TheBest Small Fictions 2018.

2017            “Endangered.”Best of the Net Anthology. 

2017            “The Future Consequences of Present Actions.” The Pushcart Prize XLII: The Best of the Small Presses. 

2017            “Syndication.”The Best Small Fictions 2017. 

2017            “Finding the Words.” The Best Women’s Travel Writing Volume 11. 

2015            “Bury Me.” The Pushcart Prize XL: The Best of the Small Presses. 



2019            “Periphery Vision,” [for story by Wen Zhuang]. 7x7.

2014            A Muse and a Maze, [for book by Peter Turchi]. Trinity University Press.



2016            Luce, Kelly. Pull Me Under. The Rumpus.

2015            Ducornet, Rikki.The Deep Zoo. Heavy Feather Review.

2014            Bernheimer,Kate. How a Mother Weaned Her Girl from Fairy Tales. Heavy Feather Review. 

2014            Steidel, Beth. The Static Herd. Heavy Feather Review. 

2014            Zucker, Rachel. The Pedestrians. New Orleans Review. 



2021            Matt Bell. BOMB.

2019            Novuyo Rosa Tshuma. The Rumpus. 

2018            Lyon, Rachel. The Chicago Review of Books. 

2018            Mortimer, Kareem. The Rumpus. 

2017            Hua, Vanessa. The Puritan. 

2016            Bell, Matt. Fiction Writers Review. 

2015            Locasico, Lisa. Hayden’s Ferry Review. 

2015            Baker, Matthew. The Rumpus.

2013            Vainsencher, Gabriela. Hayden’s Ferry Review.